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Do pretty lights mean a night life for your town?

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Do you ever wish it could always be Christmas time? It seems that more is going on around the holidays, especially in the downtown areas that we all love, whether it’s downtown Atlanta or downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia. From big to small, our cities and towns know that lights help drive excitement and participation. 

And what I want to talk about is a point that many malls and shopping developments have already taken to heart: pretty lights can help you keep the fun going all year round! You can see festival lighting stretched across shopping avenues and restaurant patios, peripheral lighting along the edges of buildings at all times of the year, sparkly trees lit up with mini lights, no matter the time of year. Why not join the fun and think about accent and peripheral lighting for your area?

If you’re thinking about this type of lighting for Christmas this year, let us help you do it in a way which will be usable year-round!

Peripheral Lighting: notice a building like never before!

  • Peripheral lighting along roof edges and architectural features will punctuate the unique characteristics of your buildings and make them stick in the memories of your visitors. It will also be the best type of lighting to make an impact from a distance.

Accent Lighting sets a mood and fills your place with color and glow

  • Accent lighting in trees and shrubs will give up-close sparkle and romance, keeping the eye and the attention of young and old. Do this type of lighting for the “wow” factor and as a way to add color and glow up close.

Festival Lighting creates a space for your visitors

  • Festival lighting which stretches across paths and streets is best for creating depth and a path to encourage your visitor to stay, visit and meander. It gives you height as well as depth of field and is easy to maintain and use for all types of different occasions.

So spruce things up! Enjoy the holidays and know that we wish you and your loved ones the best during this holiday season. 

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